This Dog Literally Can't Handle How Scary The Movie 'The Conjuring' Is

Daily Mail

"The Conjuring" is one of those rare horror movies where a pretty basic, well-trodden idea gets done remarkably well. Because a sequel to "The Conjuring" just came out, one pet owner decided to make sure his or her dog was caught up on the happenings (get it?) of the original. And, the owner decided to film the occasion.

At first, the dog simply watches "The Conjuring" with fascination as some (SPOILER ALERT) scary shit goes down on screen before having the absolutely appropriate action of hiding behind a pillow.

This is, incidentally, exactly how I reacted to watching "The Ring" with my friends when I was 13 except instead of hiding behind a pillow, I just went home and asked my mom to make me macaroni and cheese while I waited for the phone to ring with a hatchet.

Now, it is at this point unknown whether the dog is hiding because it is scared of ghosts or because the character on the screen has a flashlight and the dog's first impulse is always to hide when humans holding flashlights are looking around basements.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the dog in this video is a ghost.

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