DJ Khaled's Snapchat Quotes Make Even Better Inspirational Posters (Photos)

Ever since I read a plot summary of "The Republic," I've wondered what it must have been like to hang out in the agoras of Ancient Greece and listen to Socrates drop a constant barrage of knowledge bombs on its citizens.

Based on the lack of progress society has made with that whole "time machine" thing over the past few centuries, I didn't think I'd ever get a chance to experience my dream -- at least not until someone turned me on to DJ Khaled's Snapchat.

I've spent the last couple of weeks getting my daily dose of knowledge from the one of the best producers to ever randomly insert air horns and yell excessive non-sequiturs over the track, and my life is better because of it.

I realized DJ Khaled was unconsciously inspiring me to win more through the quotes he's been posting, and I feel it's my duty to bring his message to people who might not have the means to follow him.

I dare you to look at these and not be inspired to win.