Daughter Beats Dad At Own Game When He Tries To Troll Her With A Corny Joke

The term “dad joke” offends me.

Dad jokes are just good jokes told by a person old enough to have procreated.

You know who has bad jokes? Little kids. Little kids can't tell a joke to save their lives. This is every joke a little kid says: "Steve pooped himself in the pool last summer!"

You know who has good jokes? Adults. They know how hard and cruel and disappointing the world/life is, and they still choose to make puns.

We see this conflict between the generations played out between the father and daughter below. Now, to be clear, the calling-someone-a-thing-that-is-not-actually-there-name dad joke is sort of played out but still beautiful to me.

Still, I could see why Carolyn could become annoyed with it.

His daughter gave him a taste of his own medicine.

May I remind you, medicine saves lives and alleviates pain. So giving a taste of medicine is really a kindness.

Maybe now that she has felt the power and poise of a dad joke wielded in her own hands, she will have a greater appreciation for the form and stop just thinking it's SO funny that Becky's parents are divorced.