This Sketch Proves It Takes Forever To Become Intimate When Dating Someone New

by Tim McGovern

When you're dating someone new, it's basically a never-ending litmus test to see how close the two of you are.

Are you close enough to sleep over their place? Are you close enough to introduce to their friends?

Are you close enough to have that dreaded first meeting with their parents who you know will compare you to that one ex who is a successful banker (eff you, Brad, and your impossibly high bar-setting)?

In modern dating, you really never know how long a relationship will last before exploding in your face at a Dave and Buster's (sorry, Agatha, that was my fault).

Well, in a new sketch by Paul Gale Comedy, one couple has a fight after it's revealed the boyfriend still hasn't saved his girlfriend's number in his phone.


I mean, yeah, I would be upset, too, if I had a girlfriend who didn't save my digits in their phone. Thankfully, I don't have a girlfriend, am I right?

Right? *Sobs in solitude*

However, the boyfriend has a pretty good defense: If things don't work between the two of them, he won't have to delete the number.

A wise friend of mine once said,

Don't name your puppy.

Basically, every new relationship is like a puppy. It's fun and exhilarating. However, unlike a puppy, that new relationship could die at any moment.

It's why you just... don't... name... your... puppy. I mean, metaphorically speaking... if you have an actual puppy, give it a name, you heathen.

The couple in this sketch are about to go on a trip together and the boyfriend says he was planning to add her number on their excursion together.


Of course, she flips out after realizing the trip was really a test.


However, the boyfriend replies claiming every little milestone in a relationship is a test. You're never not being evaluated.


While you realize you're always being judged by your significant other at all times, watch the hilarious sketch above to help alleviate the anxiety you're probably experiencing right about now.