Dan Bilzerian Puts His PR Guy In His Place For Telling Him What To Do (Photo)

To understand this post, you have to understand the mystique of Dan Bilzerian, the poker player from Las Vegas whose life is so much cooler than yours will ever be.

For example, he once threw a porn star off the roof of his house into a pool below. Hopefully, you get the basic appeal.

Over the past year or so, Bilzerian's antics have resulted in a great deal of attention, and the Instagram Hall of Fame candidate has done everything he can to bolster his "brand" (which is a thing people claim to have to inflate their sense of self-importance).

Unfortunately for Dan Bilzerian, the public relations agent he hired is afraid that living an awesome life is going to turn off advertisers who might not want to capitalize on the image, which makes you wonder if they knew what they were getting into the first place.

Fortunately, Dan Bilzerian does not give a f*ck.

I should note that there is a chance this text is actually part of an ad campaign with Mike's Hard Lemonade, but if they agreed to go along with this, they more than deserve the exposure.

Never change, Dan. Never change.

Photos Courtesy: Facebook