No One Can Get Enough Of This Dad's Selfies With His Fluffy iPhone Case

Whenever I see people with giant iPhone cases, I'm confused. They're so straightforwardly inconvenient and anti-pocket. But today I've come to understand their appeal.

One Twitter user ordered a big fluffy pink iPhone case, but accidentally got one for an iPhone 6+, so she gave it to her dad. And the ensuing pictures are a pure delight.


Apparently, a bald dad holding an iPhone that looks like Jigglypuff is all the internet needs to shart* everywhere (*"shart" here is used positively, as a symbolic expression of pleasure and joy).

The dad has already gotten thousand and thousands of likes.

But a weird thing happened here. See, the person that tweeted the thing above is not actually that guy's daughter.

This person is:

Yeah, for some reason, "@Gossipgrill" just stole these pictures and pretended it was her dad, then proceeded to collect more likes than I'll ever have in dollars. (She needs to immediately record a Wu-Tang cover called L.R.E.A.M. "Likes Rule Everything Around Me".)

It's an extremely bold move to be like “THIS IS MY DAD HOW FUNNY IS HE?” for likes.

I mean, just think about how her actual dad must feel — SMASH CUT to her sad dad coming home from work with a "goofy" iPhone case in one last attempt to reconnect with his distant daughter, but she says, "That's played out now," and he walks up to his bedroom with his head bowed, fluffy iPhone case clutched in his limp hands, bereft.



OK, now that the Official Punishment for Internet Intellectual Property Crimes has been handed out, let us return to taking pleasure in photographs of a dad with a big fluffy phone.


No word on whether the dad likes, or even knows about his sudden fame, but the comparisons have been rolling in.

Maybe, one day, this man will be famous enough that people will be saying bald guys look like this dad, instead of the other way around. We can only hope.