Guy Writes Hilarious Love Letter To Restaurant About Its Amazing Burgers

Usually, when a letter someone writes on the back of a receipt appears on the Internet, it is one of two things: a person saying something very horrible and usually racist or someone giving someone else money because he or she is a saint.

This is neither. This is a note from a man who loved his burger so much, it permanently ruined all other food for him. This is a letter from a man stuck between love and hate.

It's like reading a love letter from someone crazed with romantic and erotic passion.


For those of you who don't read food-passion script, here is a transcription of this ecstatic poem:

To the owner! F*CK you!! Your burgers are so f*cking good that all other food is ruined for me. Every experience here tops the previous one, and as tasty and delicious as it all is, I'm never satisfied. I always want more. Just 3 ounces more! O, 40! I live for your food, and I'd die for your food. And so, I leave you with this: I love you, f*ck you, Andy

Sometimes, it's hard to express yourself. Sometimes, one's feelings are paradoxical, fragmented and strange. In those times, we must turn to the arts -- to poetry -- to communicate our experiences to the world.

I hereby nominate Andy for the Pulitzer Prize.

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