Guy On Craigslist Seeks Billionaire With Empty Apartment He Can Live In

At this point in my life, I'm confident the only way I'll ever be able to actually own a place in New York is by using dark magic to bring the Statue of Liberty to life to hold the city hostage until some people give me their co-op.

Sadly, I don't see myself making the end of "Ghostbusters II" a reality at any point in the near future, so I've resigned to a life of overpriced rentals in underwhelming apartments until I finally give up on my dreams and move to a place where mowing your lawn is considered an enjoyable weekend activity.

You can't blame the rise of property values on any one factor in particular, but there is one particular group of people who deserve some of the blame: the ones who can actually afford to own a place in New York but don't actually bother visiting once they buy it.

I'm not saying empty high-rises in Midtown Manhattan have any discernible effect on rent in Bushwick, but when you're devoting half of your paycheck to paying rent, it can be slightly frustrating to hear about people who don't rent out the place they never use because it's simply not worth the trouble.

This guy posted a Craigslist ad in search of a billionaire roommate willing to let him crash in an apartment that's never used. I'm fairly sure he isn't too serious, but I'm sure he'd be willing to seriously consider any offers that might come his way-- even if they don't meet his (incredibly reasonable) criteria.

And to any real estate speculators in formerly communist countries reading this: If you ever do decide to visit, you'll get some killer margaritas.

He's just a normal guy looking to live an abnormal lifestyle.

He doesn't need much -- just the bare necessities.

The resumé of a fantastic house guest.