Man Looking For Bench Press On Craigslist Gets Destroyed By Hilarious Text Prank

According to almost all of my aunts, Craigslist is an incredibly sketchy place filled with serial killers who make perfectly innocuous ads in the hopes of finding their next victim.

While their paranoia is actually backed up by solid evidence, you're probably not going to get murdered by posting or replying to an ad. However, you are fairly likely to run into someone who is intent on wasting your time for seemingly no reason.

The Internet has made it easier than ever to mess with people for personal enjoyment, and there aren’t many people able to do it better or more consistently than Textastrophe.

In this installment, an unsuspecting potential bodybuilder appealed to the people of Craiglist in the hopes of finding some free gym equipment. After this exchange, he probably wishes he hadn't.

This guy forgot the first rule of setting up a home gym: Don't.

Parting with a bench press is harder than you'd think.

It comes with weights and a couple of giant guns.

It's an easy mistake to make.

You can't put a price on being totally jacked.

Jamba Juice is the only proper way to recover after a workout.



From a different number the next day...  

He didn't get a bench press, but at least he got some eye candy.

Photos Courtesy: Textastrophe