Couples Reveal They Don't Know Each Other's Phone Numbers (Video)

In 50 years, we're going to look back at smartphones as either the invention that ushered in a new era of technology or the catalyst for the Great Data War Of 2047 (it will be fought entirely on video game servers).

Despite the insistence of way too many anonymous bloggers, the iPhone is not the Antichrist, although its contribution to the world hasn't been universally positive -- even when you ignore the mistreated Chinese workers.

I'm willing to guess you probably can't recite the phone number of anyone you met after the age of 2, and if you can, you're a lot more attentive (or obsessed) than the people who couldn't recite their partner's.

I was really enjoying this video until I realized I'd have a better chance at telling you the serial number of the dollar in my pocket than at successfully calling my girlfriend from a random phone.

Thankfully, I'm not planning on getting into any emergencies without mine.

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