That Awkward Moment You Realize ESPN Analyst Brian Windhorst And Jonah Hill Are The Same Person

by Connor Toole

LeBron James just announced that he is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers after four years with the Miami Heat, meaning that in the next 24 hours, ESPN will feature commentary from essentially everyone he's ever made eye contact with.

One of those people is Brian Windhorst, who currently writes for ESPN.

Originally from Akron, he has been following the superstar since his early days, even moving to Miami when LeBron decided he wanted to cheat the system to win a championship.

That being said, his legacy, always and forever, is that he looks a lot like Jonah Hill.

You can look at the picture below and judge for yourself, but Twitter seems to be in agreement. These people are going to be so mad when they find out they aren't being original.

Never realized Brian Windhorst from Espn looks like fat jonah hill.... — Question™ (@Question210) June 29, 2014
Now what is the Jonah Hill look a like on ESPN gonna do for the remainder of his life? — Scott Marcinek (@scott_marcinek) July 11, 2014
Hate this Jonah Hill dude on espn, just as bad as Bill Simmons — Henry Sanchez (@hennysanchize) July 11, 2014
This Jonah Hill guy on ESPN is telling it like it is for Cleveland fans. If Jim Thome gets a statue, Lebron will too. God I love Cleveland! — Blake Buckhannon (@Buck_Wild21) July 11, 2014
ESPN is filled with idiots like Broussard and that fat guy who kind of looks like Jonah Hill — Tyler (@tyler_calvaruso) July 11, 2014
Jonah Hill got fat again? And a job with ESPN? — nate stegner (@nathan_stegner) July 11, 2014
I stopped watching espn because the LBJ rumors pissed me off so now I'm left to wonder who this fat, Jonah Hill looking MF talking bball is. — Brock (@brockwurst_) July 11, 2014
I love that an SI writer & not some ESPN hack like Broussard, Stephen A, or Jonah Hill broke the LeBron to Cleveland news #MultipleSources — Brown (@Blakeing_Bad_) July 11, 2014
The Jonah Hill look alike on ESPN might be the worst "Insider" I've heard. Making wild assumptions about Lebron's emotions/attitude. — Michael J Sapinski (@MichaelSapinski) July 11, 2014
I didn't know Jonah Hill worked for ESPN. Who's this fat boy talking about the NBA. Guy prob can't even dribble lol — Jeff Kates (@Jeff_Kates) July 11, 2014
this guy on espn looks like a fatter, uglier, less funny Jonah Hill — Ryan Todero (@rtodero) July 11, 2014
I can't take Brian Windhorst seriously on ESPN cuz he looks so much like Jonah Hill — sean sladky (@NotoriousNeesh) July 11, 2014
Why does Brian windhorst look like a future Jonah Hill? #ESPN — Tom Allen (@FSP10Tom) July 11, 2014
Am I the only one that thinks the Espn NBA analyst looks like Jonah Hill's older brother? — alex stengel (@stengel1042) July 10, 2014
Now that LeBron has a home I don't have to watch Jonah Hill's brother on ESPN everyday — Tanner (@TJHarrison_5) July 11, 2014
How in the hell did Jonah Hill build a basketball insider resume and get on ESPN — Juan Scroates (@JuanScroates) July 10, 2014
So tired of unfunny Jonah Hill stunt double and Lebron talk. @espn stop speculating and talk about something ELSE! — Andrew Sitler (@andrewsitler) July 10, 2014
Fat Jonah Hill on ESPN. We get it, your from cleveland. — Mackenzie Walter (@macdaddy_23) July 11, 2014
ESPN has this sports analyst dude and I keep thinking it's Jonah Hill, but I'm wrong every time — Zachary Hunter (@jzhunter) July 9, 2014
Why does ESPN bring on Jonah Hill to talk about NBA Free Agency every day? Makes it even more annoying — Marcus Thimios (@MarcusThimios6) July 7, 2014

Yes. Yes they have.

Anyone else notice that this espn reporter looks extremely similar to Jonah hill? — Tom Gorman (@airgorman) July 11, 2014

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Twitter