Guy Crushes Massive 11,000-Calorie Ice Cream Sundae In 15 Minutes (Video)

In my experience, most clips I've watched of a person consuming 11,000 calories have aired on TLC with titles like "I Thought Fiberglass Was Cotton Candy," and "enjoyable" is probably not the best word you would use to describe watching them.

Thankfully, this video features a comparatively fit competitive eater whose arteries may or may not be tightening with every breath he takes. Still, it looks like he's in fairly good shape, so even if he's slowly destroying himself, I feel a lot less guilty about endorsing it.

We recently posted a video of Matt Stonie putting his burrito eating prowess on display, but in this clip, he swaps inevitable flatulence for immediate brain freeze while consuming a 30-scoop ice cream sundae covered in 17 different toppings.

If it seems excessive, that's because it is.