Stavros Halkias Naked Instagram Inspires Body-Positive Movement

Stavros Halkias is "a plus size man who loves his curves," according to his Instagram account, which has drawn in about 7,500 followers in its very short existence.

It's easy to understand why Stavros' IG account has blown up.

Not only is he a hilarious standup comic who has worked with Tig Notaro, Dave Attell and Robert Kelly, but he also has the body of a juicy Christmas ham, and he flaunts it like he's about to break the internet.


The inspiration behind this Venusian beauty's account?

Stavros told Elite Daily,

The idea was honestly just a goof. I thought it'd be funny to take naked pics and post them on the internet. It turns out it was, and I've been constantly attempting to top myself ever since.  

Real deep, Stavvy.

While the IG account is fairly new, Stavros found out what he wanted to do with it quickly.

He said he knew he was onto something when he posted a pic of himself doing a rip-off of the famous scene from "Titanic."

He was lying on a chaise lounge, being sketched with an obscenely large D-piece.

Much like it did for Kate Winslet on the Titanic, the moment on the chaise lounge inspired deep love.

For it was after that moment, he knew,

That's the kind of content I wanted to be producing: large-dong-related content.

You can't judge a man's muse, even if his muse is his own genitalia.

Just look at what Georgia O'Keeffe did with vaginas. I mean, every time I see a gorgeous orchid, I feel like I have a mirror between my legs.

The @stavvybaby account photos have inspired thousands of followers, whose comments range from "This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen" to "You are my inspiration."

He's also inspired people who once felt self-conscious about their bodies to begin to accept themselves the same way he has.

And although that wasn't his original intent, Stavros has no problem taking on the role of body image mentor.

He joked,

Why would an account where I — an objectively perfect human specimen — pose nude inspire others? I don't know the answer to that. But hey, if my lil' naked pics help people feel better about themselves, that's great. The stavvybaby Instagram account is a place for love and acceptance for all. 

Well, if there's one thing the world needs more of right now, it's love, acceptance and naked butts.

Sounds to me like Stavros is doing the Lord's work.