This Hilarious Tinder Perfectly Sums Up What Guys Put In Their Profiles (Photos)

One clichéd Tinder dude is worse than five basics combined into one big basic.

You know who isn't cool?

Literally any dude on Tinder.

I'm sure they are fine in real life, but once they move their personas onto that app it's like they instantly lose anything redeemable about themselves and become the Millennial versions of "Children of the Corn."

Imgur user ryanbosh boiled down the essence of what goes into being a "Cliche Tinder Guy," and the results are terrible.

Raise your hand if you've come across this, guys. *Everybody ever raises both hands.*

*sigh* Cute puppy, CTG.

Literally doing anything but reading a book.

Wait! If I go out with you, I get to meet all these hats?!?! I'm IN!

The only time it would be OK to take a picture like this would be if you literally built the car.

Look, he owns a tiger. Talk about relatable!

Look at how physically high he is, and try not to fall in love.

We all looked at these pictures. Now, please kill the page with fire.