What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Weren't Famous

Aren't celebrities so beautiful? Could you imagine living the life of the rich and famous? How did they get so freaking good looking!?

We live in a society that idolizes celebrities across the board. Whether it's a movie star, athlete, singer, or reality TV star with zero talent whatsoever, if they are "famous," we want to be them. But what if some of these big-named stars weren't actually famous? What if they weren't fortunate enough to live the life of the rich and famous? What would they look like without all the surgery, stylists and consultants? One company decided to take a look.

Here are what 10 celebrities would look like if they weren't famous:

David Beckham

Would girls still want to see him in his underwear??

Justin Bieber


Cara Delevingne

So, apparently if she weren't famous she'd be a crack whore...


If she looked like that, she'd probably still be a "single lady."

Lady Gaga

Is it just me or does she actually look better?

Kim Kardashian

Kim or Ugly Betty?


Someone should've spent more time under an umbrella, ey? Ey? Ey?

Sharon Osbourne

I wonder what Ozzy would look like...

Tom Cruise

Not sure why his teeth would be all screwed up -- he's not British...

Nicolas Cage

Damn, that's scary! Good thing he turned out to be a celebrity and not an old creepy ghost.

H/T: Daily Mail