That Awkward Moment When Your 'CANADA' Shirt Looks Like It Says 'ANAL' (Photos)

Canada is probably most famous for producing adult contemporary sensation Michael Bublé, who gained his angelic voice thanks to a steady diet of poutine and maple syrup. In my eyes, the country can do no wrong.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for t-shirts prominently featuring the country's name on the front.

Based on a collection of pictures uploaded to Imgur, it would appear that these shirts can do a lot of wrong.

It turns out that if you cover certain parts of the word "CANADA," you get another word that isn't associated with the politeness-filled paradise to America's north.

That word is "ANAL."


Warning: Maple syrup makes a terrible lubricant.

The hockey sticks take on a whole new meaning.

She knows!

Hopefully they know the real reason this photo got so many likes on Instagram.

I'd want my face blurred, too.

It's like she realized what she was wearing the instant the picture was taken.

Photos Courtesy: Imgur