Butt Contouring Is Actually A Thing Now, And There's A Video To Prove It


Would YOU like to control the shadows on your body in order to trick the eye of potential mates? Do YOU love putting makeup on the parts of you that are not your face? Well, if so, I've got just the thing.

Butt contouring!

Yeah, you know that area of your body that poop comes out of and is nearly always hidden by clothing unless you are about to have sex? Well, now you can use the magic of makeup to make it look BETTER.

The makeup website shared this #buttcontour video.

Amazing, right?! With just a little makeup, she was able to make her perfect butt look like a perfect butt!

Now, so far, this is the only video that comes up under the #buttcontour hashtag, but worry not, it's only a matter of time before this takes America's butts by storm (like Chipotle).

OK, this is top secret, but I've learned of two more contouring trends that will be announced soon.

The first is #dickcontouring, where a little bit of makeup makes it look like your penis is 12-inches long! That will be followed by #personalitycontouring, where a little bit of makeup makes it look like your personality is 12-inches long!

Oh, and if you're looking to see some more butt contouring, here is an another example.

Wow. Incredible. I'm so excited about this nation's future.

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