Flab Over Abs: 20 Guys Who Prove A Man Gut Can Look Damn Good

There are guys with guts, like David Blaine, and then there are guys with guts, like Jason Segel. The former requires audacity, resolve and grit, the latter requires a laid-back attitude and years of cultivated hops.

While one attracts stares and ideas of grandiosity, the other is real and genuine. The rest of the world can have their magic tricks and heroes -- I want a man who's lived a robust life and isn’t afraid to show it.

Don’t get me wrong, I can ogle over v-lines just as much as a starved-for-sex-housewife can, but guys with guts will always be more attractive. They have the complete, matured look. They are opulent men, full of experiences and belly laughs. And it’s hot.

Apparently, as a recent study found, I am not alone. Three in four British women would choose men with bellies than those with six-packs.

While the study’s sexpert (their words, not mine) Tracey Cox suggests it’s because women are insecure about our own weight, I’d like to offer up another reason that doesn’t involve women’s bodies at all: Perhaps three in four of us ladies agree that men with bellies are sexy.

Because God forbid we think positively about body image.

It’s not about how we women look, or how we think we look. And it has nothing to do with our own self-expectations. Guys with guts are a total turn on. Move over man-buns, there's a new muffin in town.

[Disclaimer: We are not advocating an unhealthy lifestyle. Men with guts are sexy, yes, but so is good health.]

1. Le-Oh-No-He-Didn't!

Obviously number one. Obviously sexier than ever. Happy, smoking man-bun, beard and belly-hanging-out Leo over skinny, combover-cut Leo. Always.

2. Vince Vaughn got it going on

If he's good enough for Jennifer Aniston, he's good enough for us. We're in.

3. Alex Pettyfer makes us wetter

Total smokeshow. That belly is the cutest thing since the Teletubbies.

4. George Clooney's mature gut

George has never been known for his abs and we're quite all right with that.

5. Alec Baldwin's gets better with age

His belly is like a fine wine and we're drunk in love.

6. Jason Segel, will you marry us?

Even in Hollywood, Jason Segel manages to keep it real, right down to his physique. There's no funny business here.

7. Christian Bale, circa "American Hustle"

Name a skinny dude who could pull off this 70s haircut? You can't. We prefer Bale with a little meat on his bones.

8. Chris Noth is Big and we wouldn't have it any other way

We've known him for the past decade as Mr. Big -- and his gut lives up to his moniker. Those shirtless scenes in "SATC" were our gateway drug to belly fetishes.

9. Gerard Butler stays true to his gut

Accent + belly = irresistible. He should become the new face (and body) of a designer perfume.

10. Jason Biggs has a daddy gut

Sympathy weight gain never looked so good on a man. We hope it's here to stay.

11. Chris Pratt, pre-"Guardians of Galaxy"

He was even more adorable when there was more to love. More Chris Pratt is a good thing.

12. Simon Cowell's belly is a BOSS

Just in time for winter, Cowell has been viscerally stocking up for this snowy season for the past five seasons. Mmmm, we foresee lots of cuddling.

13. LeBron James shuts down the belly game

Although recently making headlines for his low-carb weight loss diet (Is there any other kind?), LeBron James still looks every bit as muscular and attractive with a little extra somethin' somethin'.

14. Bradley Cooper is officially on bump watch

Please be growing a belly. Please be growing a belly.

15. Logan Henderson no longer looks like a child

His gut makes us want to run over and give him a giant bear hug. He could use one.

16. We'd totally make out with this rando in summer camp

Um, are we in the correct lane? Because it seems we have a gutter-ball situation. And it's nice.

17. Guts can be artsy too

This gut looks kind of toned? Impressive.

18. Olly Murs makes us purr with delight

Oh yeah, that's right. Get after that gut.

19. A gut that multitasks!

We never thought we'd see the day.


We're so tempted to rub our faces all up in it.

Top Photo Courtesy: Paramount Pictures/American Hustle