Adding A Brazzers Logo To Any Picture Instantly Makes It NSFW

by Adam Pliskin

Context is everything. In one circumstance, something can be wholesome and lighthearted.

But, if you change the surrounding elements ever-so slightly, that same thing can become hypersexual and completely inappropriate.

Such is the case when you add a Brazzers logo to otherwise family-friendly photographs. For the uninitiated, Brazzers is a major porn site on the World Wide Web.

Some genius decided to add the Brazzers logo to a bunch of harmless photos, and now, there are some images that will forever be branded into my memory. Here's what I'm talking about:

That's gross, Donkey.

Pixar is usually so family-friendly.

Pump the brakes, Mulan.

I have no idea what the original context of this was.

Wrestling is really only a half-step away from porn anyway.

Just another day for SpongeBob and Patrick.

Not the dog...

This is not what we've come to expect from Disney Channel.

Lickitung would actually be good at that.

"The Lion King" is ruined forever.

I have no problems with this.

I think SpongeBob is just a really dirty show.

Classic Nicki.

Well, this is terrifying in any context.

Seriously, leave those poor dogs alone.

Even Obama can get in on the fun.

It's a nice day for a white wedding.

Old guys need love, too.

This was always dirty.

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