Chase Stout

Crafty Boyfriend Makes Mini Pancakes For His GF's Kitten


Someone feeds your pet without your permission, you freak out -- we've all been there.

When a guy named Chase Stout fed his girlfriend's kitten actual pancakes, however, he didn't make a mistake. He made history.

Don't believe me? When was the last time you saw a kitten eating miniature pancakes? I rest my case.

Stout's girlfriend, Kenzie Jones, had been out of town while he was home with her kitten named Mr. Wilson.

When 21-year-old Chase had no clue what to feed Mr. Wilson, he turned to pancakes. Now, this isn't your average batch of pancakes.

These are very special, very rare mini feline pancakes small enough to feed a 1.9-pound kitty.

He started off by texting Kenzie, saying,

Here's the text message. He is clearly NOT joking.

Chase Stout

That "No lol" seems awfully  misleading. Would you or would you not, Kenzie?! Well, it honestly doesn't matter because your boyfriend did exactly what you probably thought he was joking about.

Here's the proof... Yes, people. Those ARE, indeed, mini pancakes small enough for Mr. Wilson to gobble down. The kitten pancakes are on the left, Chase's pancakes are on the right.

Chase Stout

Since that wasn't nearly enough proof to convince Kenzie (or anyone else) that he really DID feed her cat mini pancakes, he sent over another photo -- this time of Mr. Wilson chowing down.

Chase Stout

Stout spoke to US Weekly, saying,

It's safe to say he enjoyed his dinner. He also made it a point to say that he didn't actually include chocolate chips in Mr. Wilson's pancakes.

As for his relationship with his girlfriend Kenzie? It's better than ever.

Stout continued,

Isn't that sweet? And now, she never has to worry about Mr. Wilson going hungry. Chase will always be there to improvise and make sure that, even if he has to make him a pancakes, the little dude will never go hungry.

Now that's what I call dependable.

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