Boyfriend Films Drugged-Up And Farting Girlfriend After Colonoscopy (Video)

by Connor Toole

I predict that one day, society will progress to a point where we frown upon videos of people coming out of surgery who are doing and saying things they normally wouldn't because one of the side effects of anesthesia is not having a filter.

Thankfully, we haven't reached that point yet, and as a result, the Internet is filled with clips of drugged-up people who want to have sex with Justin Timberlake and think it's possible to fight your own reflection.

Most of these videos feature people who just had their wisdom teeth removed, but colonoscopies can produce lucid ramblings that are just as impressive as the aimless rants of dental patients.

They also produce more farts.

I sincerely hope the girlfriend in this video realized it was going to go on the Internet because if not, she might not have a boyfriend for much longer.