This Adorable Baby Literally Can't Even Deal When His Book Is Over (Video)

This kid gets the struggle.

It’s always bittersweet when you get to the end of a storybook.

Usually when you turn the last page and close the back cover, you get some kind of closure for a few seconds before the reality of your post-book existence starts to creep in.

The sad truth is the characters you’ve been living with for the duration of the read no longer exist as parts of your life. We’d like to think they live on past our involvement with them, but in actuality, the definition of fiction is based completely on the reality of a made-up world.

The universe in a story is only as big as the canvas it’s painted on.

This rule applies in its truest form to this baby reading “I Am a Bunny.” What happens after he curls up into his hollow tree? Does spring come?

There are many questions about this bunny, but there are very few answers.

What are your secrets, “I Am a Bunny?” What are your secrets?