It's Not A Bong… It's Uh… 10 Things You Can Use Your Bong For Other Than Weed

by Julian Sonny

Contrary to popular belief, bongs can be used for much more than just smoking weed. These are arguably the most versatile in the glass-wind family but not a lot of people know how to get maximum value out of them.

Bongs are things you can always put into for whether you're at home, on vacation or in the middle of the desert. It's not hard to pass off a bong as some other device that's still vital to a young person's survival.

Capitalize on your bong's full potential to get the real amount of use. These are the 10 things you can use your bong for other than weed.

As a PEZ dispenser


As a fish bowl


As a water cooler


As modern art


As a measuring cup

Bar Products

As a piggy bank

Rophy Does

As a flower vase

Rap Genius

As a giant mug for your beer

Trend Hunter

As a weapon (self defense)


As a flesh light


Top Photo Courtesy of The Stoners Blog