8 Of The Biggest Workout Fails No Man Should Ever Make

You'd think there are only a few ways to royally screw up your gym visit when you're there. If you know what you're doing, what could go wrong? Apparently... a lot.

Between the guys who spend their days at the gym showing off just how buff they are, the guys who lift more than their body weight and still manage to fall over on that last rep and the guys who use their bellies as dead weight, there's a lot that can go wrong when you're pumpin' iron in an overcrowded room filled with strangers.

Thankfully, these less-than-ideal circumstances make for some of the best entertainment.

Because, you know, when you're at the gym, sometimes the people watching is more fun than the whole working out thing.

Just try not to laugh, okay?

The Beer-Belly Bench Press

Satesh Ramkesson on YouTube

Not sure that's exactly what trainers had in mind when they created this move, but, hey, we're entertained.

 The Human-Pretzel Pilates Move

RaNdOmViDz999 on YouTube

I think it's completely safe to say that he's going to be feeling that one in the morning.

Crouching Squat, Hidden Summersault

TheVideoRapture on YouTube

The tumble at the end of this floor routine definitely wasn't planned. That said, his dismount needs definite work.

The Box Jump Belly Flop

Tony Riopelle on YouTube

Eh, I'd say that's a safe seven out of 10 on the judges' scale. Bonus points for bringing the step up's down with him.

Kettle Bell Kegels

VikingBP on YouTube

This guy takes the phrase, "puttin' in werk" to a whole new level. Not sure if we're more amazed by the move or the fact that he did it in the presence of strangers. And, uh, exactly what muscle is he working?

The Trust Fall

tristan2mit on YouTube

If this guy is trying to compete with his friend, he should just give up. Immediately.

The Javelin Throw

Well, at least his unitard looks nice?

The Pulldown KO

Break on YouTube

When you film yourself working out, it's only a matter of time before karma strikes back.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It