This Baby Cannot Stop Laughing At Her Dad Eating, And It's Adorable

I truly wish I found anything as funny as this baby finds her dad eating asparagus.

If her dad is anything like my dad, the sight of him eating vegetables is probably slightly amusing in the first place.

But, this guy keeps letting the green veggie drop out of his mouth (which my dad would do when he realized it wasn't a french fry, but I digress), and that sight is enough to send her into a fit of laughter that makes me wonder why anyone spends money on toys to amuse a child under the age of 3.

Seriously, she finds him THAT funny. The good news is, her little laughter is pretty adorable and contagious. You might even start to think a grown man who can't chew his food properly is pretty funny. I feel certain, though, she'll grow out of this stage.

Lucky for her, this video will live on to haunt her forever on the immortal Internet.

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