You Can Now Enroll Your Baby In DJ School To Become The Next Calvin Harris


In the early 2000s, the geniuses behind Baby Einstein convinced an entire generation of parents their babies could be geniuses, as long as they decided to distract their children with a trademarked series of videos featuring puppets and bright colors set to the score of Mozart.

People eventually figured out making kids listen to classical music had minimal impact on their developments when you compared it to taking the time to teach them actual developmental skills -- but can the same be said for other types of music?

Enter, Baby DJ School, which to my knowledge is the only place in New York City dedicated to helping 1 and 2-years-olds hone their skills on the ones and twos.

Unlike people you probably most commonly associate with DJs, the people at these gatherings are using pacifiers for their intended purpose -- unless they decide to really sink their teeth into the music.

Although the Internet will undoubtedly frame the concept as yet another example of Brooklyn doing Brooklyn things, the organization holds these weekly meetings around the city for parents (and the people parents pay to take care of their kids) to introduce their children to the elements of DJ culture while having some quality bonding time.

Registration for summer classes is currently open for anyone hoping to start his or her child on a path to stardom in Las Vegas at an incredibly early age.

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