Parents Make Their Baby Do The 'Bubble Butt' Dance During Bath Time (Video)

There are more than a few ethical questions stemming from an increasingly virtual world.

As more and more people do what they can to document seemingly every single moment of their existence, it's not unreasonable to ask,

How much is too much?

This is especially true when other people, such as the millions of children whose lives are currently being documented on the Internet by parents who don't understand boundaries, are the victims of this constant filming and uploading.

Parents love compiling embarrassing pictures and videos to traumatize their children later on in life. However, now they're using Facebook and YouTube to amass a public stockpile of blackmail -- like this recording of a baby dancing to a song about women with butts like bubbles.

I guess the one bright side to parents filming everything is it'll be so much easier for them to look back in 20 years and pinpoint the exact moment everything went wrong.