Aziz Ansari Goes IN On People Still Undecided About Voting In Viral Video


Celebrities have been making the rounds, speaking in videos meant to go viral about getting out there and voting. Usually, they follow the same somber, reasoned script. Aziz Ansari, on the other hand, went for something different.

I like his technique better.

What the fuck do you need?

Basically, he just makes fun of the fact people even need to make videos like this:

How many celebrities have made these studies fucking videos!

After all, the very idea that some celebrity explaining why it's important to vote is, at best, silly and, at worst, deeply troubling — considering how important this election is.

There's a fucking guy running that says he hates brown people! That's not enough? He doesn't believe in climate change! Do you realize how stupid you have to be to not believe in climate change at this point?

Despite the fact that this election cycle seems to have started 75 years ago and has basically had more coverage than any war we've ever been in, there are still two peculiar groups of people living in this country:

  1. People who aren't sure if they are going to vote
  2. People who are undecided who they are going to vote for

The first group of people I actually understand better than the second.

If you're lazy, just don't care or don't believe in our election process because it's the democratic equivalent of shitting yourself a bit at a party and having to just pretend nothing is wrong, I get those things. Those things make sense. I think you should wake the fuck up and stop being a chickenshit idiot and go fucking vote, but I get it.

But, at this point, if you don't know who you're going to vote for, I don't understand you at all. Even if you think both candidates are hell's spawn, they are so different, you have to be in a blackout to not have a preference.

I did my stupid viral video. Bye.

Don't be an asshole. Go vote.

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