Guy Fed Up With Awful Roommates Posts Hilarious Craigslist Ad (Photos)

Yesterday I outlined the depressing reality of trying to find an apartment in New York City, but unless you can afford to write a rent check that rivals Guy Fieri's monthly bleach budget, picking a place to live is only half the battle.

As stressful as apartment hunting can be, having the perfect place means nothing if the person (or, more realistically, people) you live with do the kind of things that slowly makes you sympathize with all those people in the news who kill their roommates for seemingly minor reasons.

One of my college roommates is currently looking for a place in NYC, and earlier this morning he sent a link to an amazing Craiglist ad he discovered while browsing listings in Brooklyn. It didn't stay up for long, but I manged to get a screenshot while it was.

I almost hope the guy who wrote this is making most of it up because nobody deserves to endure the things that led to this post.

It might sound fairly straightforward at first...

But things quickly take a turn for the terrible.