This Puppy Tries To Get Through A Wall, And It's Actually The Cutest (Photos)


Once in a while, you come upon something so cute on the Internet, it changes you.

Two babies laughing at each other. A cat who thinks a stuffed animal is actually its mother (who finally returned).

This is not one of those times. But, it's pretty f*cking close.

Not much information is available about the pictures below. It seems a person was just walking by when this little dude popped its head out of this crack to see what was up.

My question is where is this dog coming from?


Now, when I first saw this picture I was like,

But then, I saw the second picture where the dog happily puts its head even farther into the gap.

I like to think the dog is a spy keeping an eye on the human population.


This dog thinks it is in a perfect hiding spot.

After all, it wouldn't be the first time we caught a member of the dog community on a reconnaissance mission.


This Shiba Inu was spotted a while ago just hanging out in this bush, collecting crucial information for the eventual dog revolution.

Don't let your guards down, humans. War is coming.

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