84-Year-Old Man Gets His YOLO On And Climbs Ladder Balanced On Tree Branch (Photo)

by Connor Toole

Members of older generations have their own ways of doing things, and those ways often involve a total disregard for safety and well-being.

An Imgur user posted a picture of an 84-year-old man trimming the branches of a tree, and the only thing more impressive than his age is the way he decided to do it.

It involves a bulldozer, multiples ladders and close proximity to power lines; you'll likely make your intestines kick into second gear just by looking at it.

I'm sure people will use this as an example of how there are no "real" men anymore, but those people would be missing the major point. This guy isn't ignoring proper protocol because he's grizzled and hardened -- he's doing it because he's 84 years old.

Why would he waste time worrying about things like harnesses when he could just as easily die walking down the stairs?

 Photo Courtesy: Imgur