28 Redheads Who Succeeded Despite Being Ginger, In Honor Of Prince Harry's 28th Birthday

Today is Prince Harry's 28th birthday. Aside from being known as a party animal, and the little brother, if there's one thing Prince Harry is known for (at least to Americans )'s being a ginger.

Gingers in America have had it rough for years. Unlike other countries who persecute fellow citizens for their race or religion, we Americans often focus on more superficial things. Sure, our country had its race issues for many years, but today, I'd like to think we care less about the color of a man's skin, and more about the color of his hair. Some of the vicious ginger nick-names include; fire crotch, fire bush, burning bush, and ginger dick, amongst others.

Yet, despite the rejection gingers often do face in the U.S., from different sources, including "South Park's" Eric Cartman, many have managed to fight on and still find success. Though some decided to dye their hair to fake their true identity, to us, they will always still be a ginger. So in honor of Prince Harry, the most royal ginger of them all, here are 28 successful gingers:

Julianne Moore

She's 52 and still bangin. Pretty successful for a ginger.

Damien Lewis A.K.A Sergeant Brody

Winning awards left and right for his role on Showtime's "Homeland," Lewis has found success despite being orange (and having a really small mouth).

Chuckie Finster

Sure, the kids a bit of a wimp, but he stuck by Tommy Pickles through and through. One of the most beloved nerds ever to hit the TV screen.

Rupert Grint A.K.A Ron Weasley

Harry Potter's go-to guy, this ginger even got to crush Hermione Granger!

Conan O'Brien

One of the kings of late night, Conan is practically known for his hair. He turned a bad thing, into a hilarious thing. Touché.

Ron Howard

The guy's been crushing it forever. From Opie, all the way to "Arrested Development," he's been killing the ginger game his whole life. He may not have much hair now, but what he has, is ginger!

Emma Stone

Easily one of the biggest and hottest actresses today. She may dye her hair occasionally, but we all know her roots will always be ginger!

Andy Dalton

The big orange who throws it to AJ Green. What a color scheme!

Brian Scalabrine

Could the guy look any more like an Irishman??

Cynthia Nixon

I would have sex in her city! (And by city, I mean vagina, hey!)

Shaun White

He may win gold, but his allegiance will always be to the gingers.

Amy Adams

Another big time hottie, giving gingers a good rep everywhere.

Christina Hendricks A.K.A Joan Harris

The "Mad Men" star has every male viewer's eyes glued to her whenever she walks on the screen. Though, it's probably not because of her hair..

Donald Trump

Though he easily has the worst hair in Hollywood (if not the world), he's still a successful ginger.... and a douche.

Jessica Chastain

"Zero Dark Thirty" star Chastain made a huge name for herself this year, she helped find Bin Laden!!!

Isla Fisher

She's married to Sacha Baron Cohen, what else can we say? The chick is a legend!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson A.K.A Mitchell Pritchet

The hilarious "Modern Family" actor gives pale gingers everywhere hope for prime time fame.

Susan Sarandon

Do you know a hotter GILF? No!

Reba McEntire

This redhead is pretty much synonymous with country music. Before Taylor Swift showed up crying about boyfriend, Reba was the queen of the corn fields.

Alyson Hannigan

Crushed it both in "American Pie" and on "How I Met Your Mother." She's that nice, cute girl every guy wants to bring home to their mother.

Debra Messing

Another one who somehow seems to get better looking with age, her red hair makes her stand out.

Louis C.K.

Possibly the biggest name in comedy today, Louie couldn't give any less of a sh*t that he's a ginger. Or that he's balding, or fat, or used to be broke, it doesn't matter. He may be orange, but everything he touches today turns to gold.

Kathy Griffin

Despite being a ginger (and extremely annoying), Griffin has managed to find fame... at least in the gay community.

Sharon Osbourne

Some would argue she's not a real redhead (or person for that matter), but regardless she's rocked the red proudly for so many years, she might as well be a part of the team.

Alan Tudyk

The guy played one of the most iconic characters of all time, Steve The Pirate!! He opened the door for ginger pirates everywhere.

Joy Behar

Comedian, host of The View, well-known Jew, Behar has never let her ginger flop of hair get in the way.

Ginger Spice

Not only was she a ginger, but she added spice! Completely embracing who she was, Ginger Spice actually made being a ginger, sexy and cool.

Chuck Norris

If there is one ginger to single-handedly beat the crap out of all of the bullies in the world, it's Chuck Norris.

*Carrot Top was intentionally left off this list.

Photos Credit: Getty Images