The 25 Signs You Went To Sleepaway Camp

Ten months for two... As June continues to fly by, there's one thing on many of our minds: sleepaway camp.

From our first friends, to our first kisses, to our first encounters with the wilderness, we can't help but think of all the memories we've had and the way we've been impacted from our summers spent at camp.

Here are 25 signs you went to sleepaway camp.

You think you’re good with fire because you did rope burn.

Half of your clothes still have nametags in them.

You don’t know the real words to any old song.

Your first kiss was in the dark on a softball field.

You refer to a frat house as a bunk with alcohol and girls.

You still get excited whenever you get a package.

You still have clothes with your friends' nametags in them.

You’ve posted your camp’s zip code as your status.

You used to divide your Buddy List into “Home” and “Camp.”

Whenever it rains, you wish you could have a Rainy Day Schedule.

The highest position of authority you ever held was in Color War.

You still refuse to stack your plate.

You want to eat a bagel, you want to drink some chocolate milk.

Fly Tape used to be your best friend.

You know the song ‘Taps," yet you were never in the military.

You think the younger you went to camp, the braver you were.

You still refer to doing your laundry as “Laundry Day.”

You’ve cried at least once in your lifetime from someone dumping your cubbies.

You used to laugh at your British counselors on the 4th of July.

Whenever you see Cup Noodles or a can of Easy Cheese, you immediately think of camp.

You've had numerous run-ins with skunks.

You've been involved in a 400 person water fight.

You know all the words to Canada's National Anthem.

Lice checks are a standard procedure.

You are a master at Jewish Geography.