17 Moments Of Dogs Being Basic Will Inspire The Basic B*tch In You

Basic bitches are one thing, but dogs being basic? That's a totally different, wonderful thing.

The formula for a basic bitch is a complicated blend of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Uggs, borderline-alcoholism and regrettable selfies.

But one thing is for certain: Basic bitches love to have a good time.

These dogs nail it on the head while showing us it's not only OK to be basic, but also downright enviable.

Keep scrolling for the best moments of dogs being "~*basic*~" bitches.

It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

It's not supposed to button.

Get out of this pic, Britney. You're too hot.

When 15 minutes really means two hours.

But seriously, what's taking her so long? Is she dead? Did she die?

The struggle is real for the third wheel.

"The Bachelor" isn't just a sub-par reality show, it's a lifestyle.

Let me have just one...

But y'all RSVP'd to the Facebook invite...

They'll totally explain everything in the next episode.

I wouldn't have gotten my job at Coffee Bean without my Sociology degree.

Did you press the thing on the thing?

Put YOLO on your list of resolutions, and you'll always win.

But how did my foundation, like, melt off my face?

Naps are always the answer.

Abort mission. Repeat. Abort.

That's a real talent.