From Cats To D*ck Pics: The 15 Most Annoying People On Everyone's Snapchat

by Lauren Martin

It's no secret that the technology of today has changed how we communicate. Suddenly, there is a wide variety of ways to communicate with friends, and sadly it's made a lot of us realize how much we don't like them anymore. That's right. The Instagram pics, the tweets, the Facebook posts all say a lot about who you are as a person and your friends may decide this new side they're seeing is just not someone they want to be friends with anymore.

It's hard to look at your friend the same way again now that you know how obsessed with herself she really is. That's right, there can only be so many selfies before you start pissing people off.

The same goes for Instagram. Your friends can only like pictures of your mac and cheese so many times. It's a harsh truth, but how people conduct themselves through social media really does say a lot about them, and it's rarely good. Much like Instagram and Twitter, Snapchat has become a common tool for people to let you know they are alive and doing well. But people have taken it too far.

All people have at least one person who they can expect to see five pics from daily despite not having spoken to this person since middle school. Then there's that girl who is just taking a picture of herself because she thinks she looks hot today, but puts a caption like "gloomy day" to make it seem like she isn't just doing it so you'll see how pretty she looks right now.

There's the random face pics and, worse, the mass Snapchatter, the person sending a picture of himself to everyone on his contact list. This person has a serious complex and needs to just throw the phone off a cliff... then follow it. So in celebration of all the annoying douchebags who blow up your Snapchat with worthless d*ck pics and selfies, here's a list of the 15 types of people on your Snapchat:

The Person Who Is Always At A Concert

When do you sleep? Better question, how are you still alive after all the drugs you're clearly taking?

The Guy Who Thinks He's Hot

Does he really think his mirror pic Snapchats are turning girls on? The Mass Snapper

You know what they say: 1000 Snapchat friends, no real ones.

The Slut

We all know you're not sucking on that lollipop because it tastes good, you whore.

The Ugly Face Maker

The classic. Make an ugly face so no one can tell how ugly you really are.

The Addict

If you're sending out more than 40 snapchats, you need to check into a program. There are 12 steps and none of them are pressing send.

The Person With The Droid

Get an iPhone already. It's sad because these people keep trying, but their Snapchats just never work.

The Person Who Thinks Everyone Cares

We don't give a f*ck if you're waiting for the subway, we all are, you assh*le.

The Coy Nip Slipper

There are levels to whore-dom, but just know a prude whore is still a whore. And we all know you took that nip pic at least 10 times until your areola looked perfect.

The ScreenShotter

Don't you know we can see when you do that?

The Weed Guy

We get it, you smoke weed. We don't need a picture of your purple kush.

The Verging Pedophile

We don't give a f*ck about your sister's baby. She looks like every other baby.

The Penis Artist

It was funny the first time you drew a d*ck on your mom's face, but it's getting old.

The Fabulous Life

We get it, your life is amazing, you can stop showing off now.

The Person In Love

Really? You're gonna send all your single friends pictures of your boyfriend sleeping?

Photo credit: Getty Images