13 Brands That Were Only Cool To Wear In The 90’s

We posted a recent article about the CEO of Abercombie and Fitch, Mike Jeffries, that has been getting a lot of attention all over the Internet. In a nutshell, the guy doesn’t want fat, unattractive and “uncool” people wearing his brand.

As far as I’m concerned, screw Abercombie! Whenever I used to walk around the mall with my friends, hot girls from Abercombie would ask my friends if they wanted to be “models” and blatantly ignore my existence (cue the sad music..).

I’ll give them credit where credit is due, Abercombie was huge in the 90’s and whenever I wore an Abercombie shirt to school, I did feel like I was “cool.” But now, Abercombie can suck a giant bag of turkey legs. Your prime is over! Go f*ck a goat!

Here are 13 brands that were only cool to wear in the 90’s:


If you were a skateboarder, you wore Quicksilver. Quicksilver was the cool everyday wear that wasn’t too sporty or too dressy. Quicksilver was the pothead of clothes.


Surfs up dude! As quicksilver’s cousin, there really wasn’t much of a difference between the two brands. Subtle differences made Billabong seem more like extreme water sport clothes, while quicksilver was more of the X games clothes, but the two were pretty much interchangeable.


Was there anything cooler to wear to middle school then a FUBU jumpsuit? FUBU  was the laid back, trying to act “gangsta” brand so many younglings loved to rock.


You couldn’t play basketball if you didn’t wear an And 1 shirt. With a faceless chizzled man on the front, these shirts talked smack to everyone and anyone who took the time to read the words. What’s better then schooling the guy in front of you, while dissing the guy behind you?


A similar brand to And 1, Rim Rocka emerged as the second coolest sportswear brand. One item of clothing they were known for in particular was the pants that zipped off into shorts. The only issue was, once you zipped them off, you could never zip them back on! Basically you had to make the decision: these are no longer pants.


These were your “bad-ass pair of jeans.” Extra points to anyone who wore them with a chain wallet that went to your back pocket.


You couldn’t warm up for a basketball game without rocking a pair of snap-off Adidas pants. Sure, it was always a bitch to have to re-snap them again, but was there anything cooler than ripping them off right before game-time? (Insert: that awkward time I ripped them off and forgot to put shorts on underneath…) And how funny was it saying that Adidas stood for All Day I Dream About Sex! Funniest joke on the playground!


These were the boxers you’d most likely find under those snap pants. Joe Boxers were the coolest boxers in town. From their cartoon characters to creepy smiley face, nothing made your junk feel more secure then a pair of Joe Boxers.


Abercombie’s cousin from the west coast, Holister was the cool thing to wear for a good period of time. The preppy but laid-back feel made every awkward middle school kid finally feel “cool.”



These were THE only boots you could own. Whenever you did anything outside that was considered “dirty,” you rocked those bad boys with pride. No one could hurt us when we had on our Tims.



When it came to every day custom-designed shoes, you weren’t cool if you didn’t have Nike Prestos. The weirder the design, the cooler, and if you put your initials on the side of the shoes, you were golden. I remember waiting by the door every day for the mailman to bring me my key to the “popular group.”


The cool causal wear -- Tommy Hilfinger collared shirts were a huge hit. Even accessories like their cologne and wallets were big. Aside from the guy being an apparent anti-Semite jerk off, the clothes were pretty nice.


Of course we have to end with the mecca of them all. As much of a douche as the CEO is, there was really nothing cooler then rocking an Abercombie T-shirt with an Abercombie hat (with the front of the rim cut up) any day of school. But that was then; I wouldn't be caught dead in that shit now.