Naked Billiards

by Robert Anthony

Actually it seems that Prince Harry was not playing the normal billiards otherwise known as English Billiards. It seems he was playing pocket billiards otherwise known as pool.

Pool is also known as pocket billiards in the US hence the reason why strip billiards may have been confused as billiards (or English billiards). So in order to codify the game here are the rules for strip poker the game that Prince Harry plays.

By the way this will be 8 ball pool which is very simple to play and is very popular in pubs. The reason it is popular is that you can be absolutely paralytic and still play the game as the rules are extremely easy. This is why it is assumed that Prince Harry was playing strip pool since normal billiards has loads of rules and scoring systems which makes it very slow and deliberate and certainly not the game to entertain a group of drunk women.

Here are the rules: 1. Flick a coin to see who breaks. 2. Everytime a ball is legitamtely potted the opponent must take of an item of clothing 3. If there is a foul shot the player making the foul shot has to take an item of clothing off. 4. When the black ball has been potted then the opponent has to take off three items of clothing. 5. If there is a foul shot on the black the person making the foul shot has to take off four items of clothing and the black ball is replaced and the game continues. 6. After the black ball has been potted and the clothes have been removed then a new game is started until all items of clothing is removed. 7. If all the items of clothing have been removed during a game by both players or team of players then the game finishes and if you cannot think of anything to do, then you can play reverse strip pool and follow the game to put clothes on.

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