'Mountain Wings' Hang Gliding

At Mountain Wings you can explore the exciting world of personal Aero-Sports. Whether you are beginning to explore the wonders of flight or are an experienced Hang Glider pilot, you will find service and support you are looking for. Mountain Wings sits at the foot of the Ellenville Mountain site in New York, which is considered the "Hang Gliding Capital of the Northeast."

It boasts a distance record of 201 miles and a duration record of 11-1/2 hours. Our most frequently used training hill is at the base of the mountain and students can just turn their eyes skyward to catch a glimpse of pilots soaring and anticipate the thrill that they may soon experience. You'll learn to fly high at Mountain Wings!

Hang gliding is a sport that is somewhat dependent on weather conditions since gliders must launch and land facing into the wind. Mountain Wings offers two gently sloped bunny hills facing different wind directions so that you will have the best chance of being able to fly if weather conditions safely allow it. Mountain Wings is a full service Aero Sports flight shop servicing the North East. Headquartered in New York, we feature training, repairs, sales and service of all Hang Gliding and Ultra light Aero Sports.

Mountain Wings Hang Gliding Shop Location: 77 Hang Glider Road in Ellenville, NY 12428 Phone: 845-647-3377 Email:

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