The Survival Guide To Las Vegas Pool Parties

Have you been to a pool party? Well, you most likely have, but I sincerely doubt that you have truly experienced what one such an event has to offer unless you have been to Vegas. Las Vegas is one of the world's most favored party destinations for revelers, hosting some of the best dayclubs we have seen.

Some are even calling Las Vegas the new Ibiza. We would not take it that far, but we would certainly corroborate claims that Las Vegas sits firmly atop the hierarchy of United States pool parties. There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas but what better way to beat the heat than by spending it with thousands of half naked, liquored up party goers? But the absolute best pool parties on the strip? Well, those are put on by AWOL.

Tip #1: Pace yourself. There are events day and night. Get crazy, be yourself, but remember parties are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-6am. Stay hydrated, drink water between every couple of drinks and make sure you eat....yes, that's Remember, no one wants to hang out with Mr. Sloppy.

Tip #2: The Power Nap. This little gem will help you stand the test of time. The trick is to remember that it is called a power nap for a is short, 20-30 mins maximum. Set you alarm, set two alarms because if you go too far past the 30 min mark you'll be down for the count. Best time to power nap is after the pool parties. Power nap, take a shower to wake you up, eat and get ready to wait for the sunrise.

Tip #3: Keep Shots to a minimum. Sure it's fun to have shots and get crazy with your friends and get hopped up on a bunch of Red Bull, but these are your guaranteed demise. Do shots to celebrate, 1 or 2 is fine, 3 and you’re playing with fire, 4+ and you’ll lead to the tragic mistake of the classic blackout. Remember blackouts are a great time....for everyone watching you.

Tip #4: How to approach an AWOL female? Carefully. Don't hit on the girls… talk to them and be yourself. Your agenda should be to get to know them, make them laugh, have a good time and if something! Come with cheesy lines and you can guarantee you will be attending a Vegas sausage fest of one.

Tip #5: Lodging Is there really anywhere else to stay, beside the Cosmo? The home of Marquee, STK and a wide array of other restaurants where you will receive 10% off of your bill, free glasses of wine and appetizers with your 3 day AWOL bracelet.