The Office Siren style is back in fashion in 2023.

TikTok Brought Back The “Office Siren” Style — Here’s How To Wear It

The aesthetic pays homage to the mid-90s to early 2000s corporate baddie looks.

by Jada Jackson
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One thing is for certain about fashion, and it’s that trends always seem to find their way back. And recently, the office siren aesthetic is TikTok’s latest obsession. The #officesiren trend — nearly 900,000 views on the app — highlights the working woman as sophisticated, sexy, and chic.

It pays homage to the mid-90s to early 2000s corporate baddie looks (imagine Gisele Bündchen’s character from The Devils Wears Prada) The style is huge on bringing back vintage or archival-looking pieces, and neutral and muted colors — beige, gray, burgundy, and black — set the tone for the look. While skinny-framed glasses aka “Bayonetta glasses” help tie the office siren look together. You don’t even have to work in an office to love this look, as celebs like Bella Hadid have even been seen sporting this trend.

TikToker Asias.jpg broke down the rising trend in a video saying, “She wears bold lips, bold nails, chunky jewelry that makes a statement, but simple outfits.....she's everything we aspire to be for this season and just this year.”

Christian Vierig/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can rock the office siren aesthetic look for an upgraded work/internship-friendly attire or simply for the fun of adding a little bit of sophistication to your closet.

Below, find some options for how to easily add this viral aesthetic to your wardrobe.

Vintage-Style Knitwear

Adding a funky and vintage style knitwear piece helps give a timeless and chic touch to this aesthetic. A sweater vest and chunky knit might be an easy way to update your sweater game for this trend.

Elevated Collared Shirts

A collared shirt can double as either a layering piece or a statement piece, depending on the shirt detailing.

Chunky Jewelry

Uber chunky jewelry pieces have been in trend for quite some time, and for the office siren look, it's a must-have. From chunky hoops to bold cuffs-there are quite a few options to choose from.

Bayonetta Frames

This style of glasses became popularized when the thin-framed rectangle glasses were spotted in Miu Miu's 1996 runway collection. But the name “Bayonetta” comes from a popular character from a ‘00s video game, who wore a similar style of glasses.

Mini Or Midi Skirts

A mini or midi skirt adds an office-appropriate amount of playfulness to this look. You can opt for a color like maroon or burgundy to level it up.

Knee-High Tights

Nothing screams ‘90s it girl more than knee-high socks. They’re great for adding a bit of extra flare and posh to your overall outfit.

Bowler Bag Handbags

This bag silhouette was majorly popular in the early 2000s and it's now slowly seeing a resurgence. It is the perfect bag for adding a retro and refined look to any fit.


Slingbacks are comfortable and stylish — and they pair well with knee-high tights and socks.