Morgan Riddle's tennis-core essentials.

Morgan Riddle Knows Her Courtside Style Has Brought New Fans To Tennis

Here, the content creator shares her preppy fashion must-haves.

It’s WAG season, and Morgan Riddle’s making the most of it. Since she began posting about her tennis pro boyfriend, Taylor Fritz, in July 2021, the 26-year-old’s name has become synonymous with the tennis WAG aesthetic: preppy, polished, and with a healthy serving of quiet luxury. It’s a look that Riddle has slowly perfected, earning her over 425,000 followers on TikTok (plus 245,000 on Instagram and 57,000 on YouTube). As she puts it in her IG bio, “not cool but my outfits are.”

Riddle, who’s based in Los Angeles when she isn’t accompanying Fritz on tour, takes pride in dressing for her boyfriend’s sport. But, according to her, the outfits aren’t the most essential part of her brand.

Sports [...] do not do a great job of catering to female fans. [...] The popularity of the tennis-core aesthetic helps bring them in.

“I know for a fact that I've brought new fans — young girls — to tennis,” she tells Elite Daily. “Sports, in general, do not do a great job of catering to female fans. There’s still a huge untapped market there, and the popularity of the tennis-core aesthetic helps bring them in.”

Whether these fans adopt the classic courtside style via tennis bracelets — which have become even more popular among celebs (and fellow WAGs) like Taylor Swift in recent months — pleated skirts, or chic sunglasses, what matters most is that they’re courtside at all. “Taylor [Fritz] and I have this collective goal of making tennis more popular for the younger generation,” Riddle adds.

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So far, it seems to be working, as one of Riddle’s followers commented on her post from Wimbledon, “single handedly making tennis relevant.” While that’s not *exactly* the point, it’s clear that new tennis fans are starting to pay attention, whether it is to Riddle’s ‘fits or Fritz’s serves.

Here, Riddle talks about about her sporty style, favorite fashion trends, and the rise of the WAGs.

Elite Daily: Your courtside fashion is constantly going viral. What are some pieces that every tennis-core outfit needs?

Morgan Riddle: Tennis bracelets are the quintessential tennis-core piece. They’re also something you can wear every day. I really love my tennis bracelet, which I actually had before I even started dating Taylor.

I’m also really into Wilson right now. They're the OG tennis brand. Every other brand — Alo, Bandier, and Lululemon — has hopped on the tennis bandwagon over the last two years. But Wilson has the best-looking tennis outfits that you can legitimately play in.

ED: Fashion-wise, you’re probably most well-known for what you wear to Taylor’s matches. How does your personal style change from match day to everyday?

MR: I dress up more for matches. It's a fun opportunity for me. What I wear does depend on the match, though.

The way that I dress for Wimbledon is really different how I dress for a 500 tournament in Tokyo. [In tennis, a 500 tournament is a lower-level tournament than Grand Slams.] For the big Grand Slams, like Wimbledon or the U.S. Open, I'm wearing heels and a dress. In Tokyo, I'm wearing jeans and sneakers.

ED: Besides tennis, what’s your favorite sport to watch and dress for?

MR: I've recently been getting really into F1 [racing]. It's similar to tennis, in terms of lifestyle and fashion. The outfits at the Paddock Club are amazing.

ED: You were at the Super Bowl earlier this month. How would you describe tennis-core versus the football WAG aesthetic?

MR: The lifestyles are so different. So much of tennis has to do with the culture of the places we visit. We spend so much time in Europe, Asia, and Australia. That's really different from going to Atlanta for a football game.

The different cultures of the places we go have a huge impact on the vibe of the WAGS — how we dress, how we go about attending matches, and what kind of content we make.


ED: For NFL WAGs, it’s easy to show their partners support with little nods — like wearing their jersey number or team colors. It’s not as simple in an individual sport like tennis. What ways do you give Taylor shoutouts with your outfit?

MR: I had to get a little creative with it. I also want how I dress to fit into tennis-core; I can't wear jerseys or letterman jackets. So, I got a custom pearl necklace that has Fritz on it to give his last name a shoutout. I wore that to the U.S. Open two years ago, and I still will wear it sometimes. I also got a little cashmere sweater that has his initials on it. Sometimes, I drape over my shoulders for a match.

ED: Beyond the tennis-core aesthetic, what is your favorite fashion trend of the moment?

MR: I like that leopard print's coming back. That's the only one that I can think of off the top of my head. Trends change every day, but I probably will be wearing leopard print soon.

ED: You have such a strong sense of personal style. What advice would you give to someone who wants to develop their own fashion sense?

MR: There’s this gal that I follow on TikTok, Allison Bornstein. She's a stylist who has this really great tip of finding three words that describe your personal style. Mine are feminine, elegant, and preppy. I realized that when I’m wearing an outfit that really fits those three words, I feel my best and most confident. I like that tool a lot. It’s been really helpful for me.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.