You Don't Need Waves To Ride This Awesome Jet-Powered Surfboard (Photos)

Surfing is an awesome way to have fun while also getting in touch with your inner ocean spirit.

But there's just one little problem: It's virtually impossible to shred through some gnarly sets with your board if you don't live alongside the ocean.

I mean, sure, you can grab your board and jump into the nearest lake, but it's pretty hard to hang ten when there are no waves around.

Until now, that is. There's a new invention that solves this wave dilemma.

Just when you thought you were going to have to swap out your beloved surfing for a different board sport, some genius created a jet-powered surfboard, and it looks pretty epic.

That's right, you can now conquer any body of water with the Lampuga jet-powered surfboard.

This electric-powered board can zoom around for about 30 minutes before it needs to be charged and can reach a whopping speed of 32 mph. Plus it's German engineered, so you know this carbon-fiber board is a badass beauty.

You can steer the board and control its speed from a tether located in the middle while standing. Or, if you haven't really mastered the whole balancing on a surfboard thing yet, you can always just ride this board from a kneeling position.

Either way, surfing around on this board is sure to be insanely fun.

If you're wondering where you can find the Lampuga, National Marine Supplies is selling it online, but you're going to have to pay up to make all of your oceanless surfing endeavors a reality because the board is retailing for a little under $17,700.

But, hey, you can't put a price tag on chasing your dream to become the next Kelly Slater.

Check out the images below to see this insane jet-powered surfboard.

Feast your eyes on the Lampuga.

It's the first electric, jet-powered surfboard.

No waves? Not a problem with this awesome surfboard.

This stylish carbon fiber board comes in white or black.

And it lets you shred through the water at 32 mph.

With this jet-powered board, you can conquer any body of water.

Check it out in action

Lampuga Germany on YouTube

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