Xbox One And PS4 Users Could Finally Be Able To Play Each Other Online


For years, it's been either team Xbox or team Playstation with no in-between, unless you were that spoiled kid who had both!

This was an issue, however, for most kids globally who had to start selecting friends based on whether they were using the Microsoft or Sony platform.

Well, thanks to Microsoft, that's all about to change.

Chris Charla, the director of ID@xbox, laid out his team's ambitious goal of creating cross-network play:

While he didn't exactly specify the Playstation Network, we all know what you're talking about, dog.

All of this has the gaming community at a fever pitch. In response, Playstation sounds pretty receptive to the idea; however, they want it to be known they've been on this cross-platform sh*t.

While it's nothing completely innovative, thinking about Xbox and Playstation merging on any level almost seems sacrilegious. But for millions of gamers around the world, this is news that should've come long ago.

The future of gaming looks bright, as kids from crib to crib won't have to worry about what console they have in order to virtually hang out with their friends.

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