This Woman's Dance Routine On Her Longboard Is Absolutely Mesmerizing (Video)

Busting out an impressive dance routine can be pretty hard all on it's own, but imagine bouncing to the beat while balancing on a couple of wheels beneath your feet.

Remember when we introduced you to the dance crew who totally crushed Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" on segways? Well, those talented dudes aren't the only dancers who know how to lay down the moves while whizzing around on some wheels.

Meet Ko Hyojoo.

Hyojoo is a longboarder from Korea who pulls off all sorts of mesmerizing dance routines as she cruises over the concrete.

She recently uploaded a video showing her gliding down the streets on her longboard as she simultaneously twirls around her board like it's NBD she's moving or anything.

Yep, Hyojoo surely knows how to make dancing on a longboard look insanely easy, and her smooth skateboarding dance moves will blow your mind!

Check out the video above to see this amazing dance routine.

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