Ultimate Wanderlust: This Woman Has Spent The Last 3 Years On Vacation (Photos)

Everybody loves vacation — sadly, for most of us, that sweet release of time off comes but once a year, at best.

But for Maartje Smit, life is a vacation (and I don't mean that metaphorically).

The Dutch traveler began her extended vacation over three years ago and hasn't gone home since.

She's visited countless countries around the globe, chronicling her adventures via Facebook.

If you're wondering how she's lasted this long traveling without a job, it's simple: She saved up before leaving and occasionally works odd jobs to pay for lodging, when she has to pay at all, that is.

Usually, she just couch surfs, and she couldn't be happier.

Her page, Wanderlicious, has more than 9,000 followers on Facebook.

Most recently, Smit has been traveling Eastern Europe.

But over the past three years, she's been everywhere…



...and countless more places.

And she has some beautiful photographs to show for it.

But, she says, anyone could have her life.

She explains, “I'm sure that everyone who is working away in an office, enviously looking at my Facebook albums could live the exact same life."

“I don't understand why more people don't do what I do.”

Smit hopes to continue traveling — maybe even for the rest of her life.

For now, she's happy not knowing: It's the journey, after all, that's the fun part.

Find more of Smit's travel photos here.

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