Best Job Ever? Woman Gets To Travel The World As A 'Date Explorer' (Photos)


What's your dream job?

You might be adding a new job title to your list of fantasy occupations after reading this. A lifestyle blogger who goes by the name of Laila Swann has been making quite the buzz for herself after becoming a "date explorer."

The job entails exactly what you think it does -- Swann travels the world in search of the best places for lovers to visit and gathers dating tips in the process. At this point, you're probably trying to figure out where to send your résumé!

However, Swann wasn't simply given this job by taking the traditional job hunting route.

According to Metro, she won a contest against 750 other contestants. Now, her Instagram is absolutely breathtaking, and someone would probably kill a small animal to have her job.

Check out some of the photos from her recent adventures below!

Meet Laila Swann, the woman who has the job of your dreams.

She's a "date explorer."

Swann's job is to travel the world and search for the best places for lovers to visit.

In the process, she gathers dating tips in relation to each place she travels to.

Despite how awesome her job is, she wasn't considered for the job by sending a résumé somewhere.

It turns out Laila was up against 750 contestants during a competition...

...and she won!

Now, she spends her days on sandy beaches and mountain tops with breathtaking panoramic views.

She's also hung out with a few pretty awesome animals on her lunch breaks.

Check out this tiger!

It's not every day you're given a chance to sit in on a meeting with a couple of parrots.

Being a date explorer is one job you'd never get sick of -- unless you have a thing against wild dolphins...

...or snorkeling in Mauritius is too adventurous for you!

Overall, Laila Swann might have the coolest job in the world.

When your job's based off exploration, the possibilities are truly endless. Whether you're trying new foods...

Or waking up on the beaches of Thailand...'s impossible to want to take a sick day!

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