Woman Celebrated Her Love For Pizza With A Hilarious Engagement Shoot (Photos)


I've always had a deep love for pizza.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I've had stronger feelings for pizza than I've had for some of my past boyfriends. And, apparently, I'm not the only person out there in a committed relationship with my food.

First, there was the dude who ran around San Fran snapping pics with his beloved bae-rito.

Now, Nicole Larson is bringing her love affair with piping hot pizzas to the next level. Yep, she loves her slices so much, she decided to do an engagement photo shoot with Pizza Hut pizza.

Larson told Huffington Post,

She posted her hilarious pizza parody pics on Facebook, and people seem to be going nuts over this cheesy couple.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this delicious-looking duo.

Nicole Larson is a 19-year-old Canadian...

...who really f*cking loves pizza.

In fact, Larson loves her pizza so much, she wants to marry it.

After seeing all of her friends post couple photos on Facebook...

She decided to jump on the relationship bandwagon...

And create an epic album of engagement photos with her one true love...

...Pizza Hut pizza.

That's right. Larson's smoking-hot boyfriend has certainly stolen a pizza her heart.

And now, she's showing the whole world her tasty love affair through a couple's photo album.

During their endearing shoot, these two ran around the park capturing all sorts of intimate moments...

...and stopped for a snack along the way, of course!

Larson said, "Everyone seems to be caught up in trying to find a partner, but I would just encourage others to find/do anything that might brighten their day!"

She continued, "If that is a boyfriend, great! If it's eating a full box of pizza to yourself, that is also great!"

Seriously, if this isn't true love, I don't know what is.

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