These Are All The Weird Ways You Didn't Know People Are Using Wine

If you ask me, wine might be one of the best beverages ever invented.

Besides being downright delicious, wine comes with a variety of benefits that go beyond giving you a buzz. Drinking wine can do wonders for your heart and help lower cholesterol. Plus, it's packed with antioxidants that can decrease the risk of cancer.

I mean, how else do you think we all justify guzzling down a bottle of our favorite grapes and getting wine wasted on the reg?

But did you know you can actually do more with your beloved boozy beverage than drink it (and use it as an excuse to drunk text your ex at 2 am)?

That's right. It turns out people have been using wine for all sorts of interesting things that will seriously blow your mind. We've seen everything from boozy beauty products and spas with wine hot springs to a new type of food porn that looks weird AF.

If you've simply been sipping your wine, you've been missing out on all sorts of unusual uses for your beloved boozy beverage.

It turns out that adding wine to your beauty routine has a variety of benefits, not just the boozy kind.

You can get glowing skin by using wine in a DIY facial mask since it's full of antioxidants that fight wrinkles and signs of aging...

Or you can use wine as a tipsy skin toner by simply applying it to your face with a cotton ball, and washing it off after 30 minutes.

Plus, red wine contains natural AHAs and has anti-inflammatory properties, so you can apply some vino to your face to clear pores and treat acne.

You can toss 16 ounces of red wine in your tub and take a boozy bubble bath that will help to exfoliate skin, boost circulation and eliminate cellulite...

Or if you're not down to soak at home, you can take the plunge at a spa that has pools of wine you can bathe in.

If you're looking for a home remedy to fix dull hair, you can use wine as a rinse to achieve shiny, lustrous locks. Plus, wine also contains Resveratrol, which is known to stop hair loss.

You can even use wine as a substitute for blush by rubbing a few drops on your cheeks to achieve an intoxicating rosy glow.

Oh my blush? It's called "I've had 3 glasses of wine" — Kara Strout (@KaraStrout) June 12, 2016

You can incorporate some wine into your wardrobe by using it to dye fabrics...

...and you can give your kicks a rosy makeover by painting your shoes with red wine.

You can booze your way to a beautiful garden by adding some wine to your compost...

...and a lot of people use open bottles of wine to trap annoying pests like fruit flies.

However, the most interesting (and slightly terrifying) thing we've seen people use wine for is a strange type of porn that involves dipping your dong in a glass of wine...

Yep, apparently, there's a message board called "The Vineyard" on where people take their love for wine to a whole new level by posting NSFW pictures of their penises penetrating glasses of vino.

If you ask me, I think this is one use for wine we can probably do without.