Wine For Your Cat Really Exists Because This Is The World We're Living In

by Kate Ryan

You probably assumed that at some point in the future cats would have their own wine. Well, apparently that future is now.

According to Cosmopolitan, Colorado-based company Apollo Peak has entered the cat wine frontier with a "non-alcoholic, catnip-based" Jesus juice for all of our feline friends. Because they deserve something to guzzle in large quantities while zoning out in front of "The Bachelorette," too.

Composed of all-natural ingredients including water, organic catnip, organic beets and sea salt, the "cat wine" won't actually get your kitty drunk (though he or she might feel like they are). And just because the drink has a zero-percent alcohol content, that won't stop Apollo Peak from going nuts with the puns.

Of course you've got Pinot Meow.

And a nice MosCATo. Get it?!

For just $4.95 per 1.6-meownce bottle, it's an affordable way to get bombed with your cat.

So you can take getting drunk and looking at cat photos to a whole new level.

To grab a bottle for your kitty pals, check out Apollo Peak's website to find out how to purchase the wine online or at a store near you. Cheers!

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