Finally! A New Line Of Spicy Sriracha Snacks Is Coming Soon

If you happen to have an affinity for spicy food, you probably love Sriracha.

However, when it comes to this coveted condiment, not all sauces are created equal.

And no one can top the heavenly hotness of the Sriracha made by Huy Fong Foods.

This is precisely why Pop! Gourmet just released a variety of spicy new products made with none other than the real deal: Huy Fong Foods' Sriracha.

But, these new munchies go way beyond infusing a few potato chips with a little spicy goodness; according to Yahoo!, Pop! Gourmet is rolling out a bunch of red-hot snacks.

Thanks to Pop! Gourmet, you never have to eat chips made with sh*tty imitation Sriracha ever again.

This clever snack company promises all of the fiery additions will only feature the infamous Sriracha from Huy Fong Foods.

It's also thinking outside of the spicy snack box and coming up with some hot new ideas like Sriracha popcorn, croutons, mayo and hummus.

But, the greatest thing it has in the works is a powder Sriracha. Yes, powered Sriracha. You can sprinkle that sh*t on every meal!

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